Water Quality ensured product for best results in farm production.
M-ClO-XI is a disinfectant being effective in eliminating any microorganisms. Which is now widely utilized in disinfecting industrialized food, water, fruits and vegetables or even treating waste water in hospitals or hotels. Applying M-ClO-XI as a superior alternative disinfectant in water for farm production over typical Chlorine (or gas form) is becoming more widely practice in various large competing companies especially those in the developed countries like United States and other countries in Europe implementing the technology to promote growth and production in raising animal Farm to reduce cost and maximize the profit potential with a prover high and satisfying quality. M-ClO-Xi is a well-known, globally accepted product that helps in eliminating any microorganisms such as virus, fungus, bacteria etc. In which ordinary Chlorine would not be able to completely eliminate. Furthermore M-ClO-Xi also does not have a chemical relation to ammonia which could lead to left over residuals and does not produce Trihalomethanes (THMs) which causes cancer. Moreover this product is used in farms as a spray as an effective disinfectant to any microorganisms.

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Benefits of M-ClO-XI

  • M-ClO-XI eliminates any germs within seconds and helps treat and infections from virus, bacteria, protozoa etc.
  • Helps also to remove biofilm which helps to reduce the cost of antibiotics. Safe with 0% residual.
  • Animals would appear healthier, reduced stress, better immunization towards disease.
  • Promotes growth and increase in weight gain.
  • Oxidizes better than Chlorine 6 time helps to reduce risk of cancer.
  • Helps increases profit in raising farm animals.