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Midlannex Company was founded in the year 1993 as the pioneer of the technological, research and development and a produce of Chlorine Dioxide as a disinfectant for industrial various poultry products specifically poultry and seafood as well as all kinds of food processed agricultural products. Implementing innovation to reach the highest possible standard for exportation while providing a healthy and safe product to all consumers. Which the company was successful throughout the years with numerous customers from the leading private sectors in the food producing market such as a groups. The company provided services for more than 25 years implementing the research and technology as mentioned. Starting from the year 2010 the company launched a new technological product that revolutionize the farming productions as a form of a supplement “G-Life” and “M-CLO-Xi” a product that is certified with highest standards from the Food and Drug Administration of United States (FDA) which provided us with a certificate for producting and marketing of the supplement “G-Life” and “M-CLO-XI” a completely natural as an organic product for the Department of Livestock and Development of Thailand. This product being organic does not leave any residual which is considered as the revolutionary innovational supplement that benefits the health of varieties of farm animals. The supplement aids them in their growth and production with highly reduced mortality rate when compared with the same kind of animal lacking the use of G-Life and M-ClO-XI which was used with numerous animals in different farms such as cows that produces milk, beef production farm, poultry farm, egg (chicken) farm, pigs farm and all kinds as a fresh & sea water animals etc. The result yields an excelling, yet phenomenal production rate when used in the accurate, appropriate specifications recommended by the company. G-Life and M-ClO-XI could be used as a supplemental food in the farm that is healthy, safe, germ-free resulting in the poultry products highest quality beneficial to all people and consumers.

A Leader of the ultimate up to date innovation for the development of animal foods, fresh & sea water fish and shrimp products, in order to increase the efficiency of foods quality for all kinds of farm animals.

G-LIFE – Quality ensured products for best results in farm production.

G-Life is the extracted dark colored supplement through the process of applying heat, consisting of Glyceride and fatty acids which provides benefit to the efficiency in animal food which helps reduce food cost but also positively promote growth. As an approximation that this product can help reduce the cost of animal food from 65% to 70% which becomes an important factor in reducing overall cost of any farm production such as meat, milk, eggs, or even furs or skins. While different animals utilize their energy given to them for different functions and having G-life supplement in its body, G-Life would provide them with significant amount of nutrients allowing them to have excess amount of energy and these excess energy would be applied to their growth and production which result in more meat, eggs, milk etc.

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M-Clo-Xi – Water Quality ensured product for best results in drinking and sanitizing farm production.

M-ClO-XI is a disinfectant being effective in eliminating any microorganisms and microbial control. Which is now widely utilized in disinfecting industrialized food products, water disinfectance, fruits and vegetables or even treating waste water in hospitals and hotels. Applying M-ClO-XI as a superior alternative disinfectant in water for farm production over typical Chlorine (or gas form) is becoming more widely practice in various large competing companies especially those in the developed countries like United States and other countries in Europe implementing the technology to promote growth and production in raising animal and to reduce cost and maximize the profit potential and providing a high and satisfying quality.

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Chlorine Dioxide

– An unstable gas
– Must be generated fresh on-site (water stream)
– Generated through the controlled reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite with precursor.

MID PC 6010
MID PC 6011
MID PC 6012

Serving the Food and Beverage Industries

Applications Processing

– Air chill
– Reduced chill water
– lmproved product quality
– FDA,USDA, Canadian approval
– Sanitizers and cleaners
– Birds rinse (lnside – Outside)

Sanitation and Service

– Complete line of sanitation chemicals
– Custom equipment manufacture
– Scheduled server and chemicals including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, QACs, and iodines

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