G-Life (The ultimate new innovation technology.)

  • A new innovation supplement for ruminants
  • A natural extract from various plants.
  • Containing vitamins, various minerals, glyceride and fatty acids.
  • Helps enhancing the growth process.
  • Efficiently increases milk production, and milk quality.
  • Efficiently increases the animal’s weight and meat quality.
  • Effectively reduces any potential disease in the animal.
  • Usable with farm animals in any age whether for their meat or their milk without any negative results.
  • Increase eggs quality with number, color, and stronger shell.
  • Increase body wages, lower mortality and higher rate of return.
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Benefits of G-Life BC

  • Helps to increase the milk produced more than 1-3 kg/cow/day
  • Improves milk quality, more protein and vitamins in the milk.
  • Helps with the growth process, more weight gain as well as being healthier.
  • Improves meat quality since it neutralizes the PH in the digestive system by maintaining the temperature within 9.4 degrees Celsius.
  • Provides stronger immunization to help protect and inhibit all kinds of disease in the animal.
  • Helps treat infection from any virus, bacteria, protozoa such as anthrax, Foot-and-mouth disease (hoof, foot ulcers), mastitis and other diseases etc.