Midlannex Company was founded in the year 1993 as the pioneer of the technological, research and development and a produce of Chlorine Dioxide as a disinfectant for industrial various poultry products specifically poultry and seafood as well as all kinds of food processed agricultural products. Implementing innovation to reach the highest possible standard for exportation while providing a healthy and safe product to all consumers. Which the company was successful throughout the years with numerous customers from the leading private sectors in the food producing market such as a groups. The company provided services for more than 25 years implementing the research and technology as mentioned. Starting from the year 2010 the company launched a new technological product that revolutionize the farming productions as a form of a supplement “G-Life” and “M-CLO-Xi” a product that is certified with highest standards from the Food and Drug Administration of United States (FDA) which provided us with a certificate for producting and marketing of the supplement “G-Life” and “M-CLO-XI” a completely natural as an organic product for the Department of Livestock and Development of Thailand. This product being organic does not leave any residual which is considered as the revolutionary innovational supplement that benefits the health of varieties of farm animals. The supplement aids them in their growth and production with highly reduced mortality rate when compared with the same kind of animal lacking the use of G-Life and M-ClO-XI which was used with numerous animals in different farms such as cows that produces milk, beef production farm, poultry farm, egg (chicken) farm, pigs farm and all kinds as a fresh & sea water animals etc. The result yields an excelling, yet phenomenal production rate when used in the accurate, appropriate specifications recommended by the company. G-Life and M-ClO-XI could be used as a supplemental food in the farm that is healthy, safe, germ-free resulting in the poultry products highest quality beneficial to all people and consumers.